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DestinyResetPodcast  @DestinyReset
Congratulations to our Friends @CrucibleRadio on 💯amazing episodes! 
DestinyResetPodcast  @DestinyReset
Guardians, be sure to check out Part 1 of our Destiny 2 reveal coverage! Ep. 96 Part 2 will drop at Reset! #DRPfam 

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DRPfam Admin / Co-Host

Family Man. Video gamer. Titan. Potato chip connoisseur. Co-Host of the @DestinyReset #DRPfam. I primarily play Destiny but enjoy all games. SOCOM fan!

DRPfam Admin / Co-Host

Warlock. Co-Host of @DestinyReset Podcast. #Voop #DRPfam

DRPfam Admin / Guest Host

DRP Co-Founder, perpetually MIA, I like the crucible. I’m the blink shotgunner you hate. Hello!

DRPfam Admin / Guest Host

Associate Pastor at Willo-Hill Church in Willoughby, Ohio. Husband to the most beautiful girl in the world. Community Admin of the Destiny Reset group.

DRPfam Admin / Guest Host

Xbox1/PS4 akaMAnNYg #DRPfam

DRPfam Admin / Guest Host

AKA – slartiebartfast – 6/12/16-Biomed Technician-Gamer[PS4] Community Admin for[Destiny Reset Podcast] Member of [Raptor Pack][FightClub]

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